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It’s been drizzling practically since August last year below in the West of Ireland! Which is bad news for us fishermen. Years of poor land monitoring has actually seen the removal of native forests as well as the draining of bogs in some areas, so rains events flush off the land as well as right into the waterways really quickly indeed. The result? Flooded places as well as locations that are really tough to fish if, without a doubt, you can reach them to fish in all. It can be challenging to find a winding river when it has ruptured its financial institutions and also swamped six areas either side. Patiently, I awaited weeks up until there was a chance when the river had dropped to 1.2 metres over typical degree.

This certain river is just about unfishable for large parts of the winter season because it is simply expensive. Fish won’t feed well in increasing floodwater, preferring to take shelter from the boosting strength in currents. Once the river drops, it’s ‘game on’ as fish benefit from the weakening currents as well as coloured water to feed heavily. With a series of storms approaching there was going to be a tiny window of chance so I decided to take it while I could; the river would certainly soon be climbing and also most likely off limitations for one more couple of weeks and the last number of opportunities took place while I was joining organic surveys lots of miles off the western coastline of Ireland. Now or never!

I arrived at the location as well as undertaken preparing my kayak. I wasn’t bring much gear– a number of rods, a pail of attractions, a couple of cameras and, most notably, my echo sounder. Pike are predacious so if you can locate the shoals of prey fish, opportunities are the pike won’t be far away. No killer is going to achieve success if they expend much more power looking for prey than they enter return for consuming it! It makes good sense to stay near your food source. Echo sounders differ from producer to manufacturer but also the basic models will certainly provide you enough includes to situate shoals of target fish.

Having situated the food resource I was able to establish through experience that the shoal of fish below me was comprised of roach, a small, silver fish that are staple in a pike’s diet plan anywhere they exist. The sensible thing to do was to use a lure that stands for these tiny fish. I was mosting likely to be trolling the attraction, casting it behind me, leaving it in a pole owner as well as paddling gradually, dragging the attraction behind me. All I needed to do was drag the lure around the sides of the shoal and also wait for the rod to arch over.

As it occurred, the pole arched over a loads times. I was kept hectic on the river for the day. Pike are constantly fun to capture yet today was a numbers video game. Plenty of pike were landed to the kayak yet none were of any kind of actual dimension. Still, great enjoyable all the same as well as surely much better than being handed a ’empty’ for my initiatives. All fish were unhooked promptly and also returned to the water, some didn’t also intend to hang about for the electronic camera! Simply a word on taking care of pike: despite their fearful appearance and, sometimes, starved cravings they are actually one of the more fragile freshwater varieties. Negative handling can do terrible damages to the fish. Carry forceps to get rid of hooks and handle them confidently however gently. If unsure, I would certainly recommend angling with someone who knows what they are providing for you to find out the fundamentals.

After an active day on the river I went to house. My Nova boots as well as Tsangpo match had kept the majority of me warm for the day however I had begun to shed the sensation in my fingers. Time for a cuppa …